We Believe In Texas

A Message From Our Executive Directors

Texas is an incredibly resilient state. We have persevered through tragedy and uncertain times throughout our history. We know the impact of COVID-19 will have lasting effects on the health and economy of our great state. However, we will continue to work together, behind the scenes to secure a plan that will encourage and support one another. Since 1968 we have been guiding the way across our great state with our blue and white signs. Nothing has changed. We are here to help navigate these trying times for communities and travelers alike. While travel is not advisable under current conditions we will maintain and improve our programs in order to serve you even better when restrictions are lifted.

As we traverse through these daily challenges our first priority is the health and safety of our fellow Texans. Please follow the guidelines made available by the CDC and take all precautions necessary. Prevention is our best tool for overcoming the virus. As recovery efforts will undoubtedly take place consider how you can play a role in positively impacting tourism in our great state. A Facebook Group – Tourism Industry COVID-19 Resource Group – has been established where you can get updates, ask questions and connect with other tourism professionals.

Finally, one thing is certain in these uncertain times, we may be a community of strong individuals but our greatest power is becoming a united front in eradicating this threat. We stand with each of you and pledge to do our part.


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